Hi! I'm Meredith. I'll help you figure out if you should be worried about your teen's eating issues.

And, if they have an eating disorder, I’ll show you the best ways to support their recovery so they get better faster and more completely.

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My approach

Three pillars of supporting a healthy relationship with food:

Seeing the eating issues as the real problem, not your teen.

Getting comfortable with all feelings & how to handle them.

Making your home a non-diet space (step by step). 

So nice to meet you!

I’m Meredith Sjoberg, a psychologist, school counselor, and eating disorder expert. I work with parents of teens and young adults with eating disorders and disordered eating so they can help their kid recover in the fastest, most effective way possible.

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Join us for a free workshop or enroll now in FOCUSEDTM 

If you're pretty new to eating disorder and disordered eating treatment and recovery, or aren't sure if your teen/young adult is struggling, you may want to start with FREE workshop. If you've been supporting your teen for a while now, the membership is likely better option. 

FREE Workshop on When to Be Concerned


  • Key signs to look out for with your teen in regards to their mindset and behaviors around food, weight, and their body,
  • Strategies for approaching conversations with your child so you can have open and honest dialogue.
  • What steps to take if you have reason to be concerned, both for your teen and for you and your family.

Monthly Membership Option


  • Monthly workshops on topics related to your teen's eating disorder and disordered eating recovery - dealing with resistance to getting well, skills for improving communication, staying out of frustration and learning to navigate all the feelings (yours and theirs), finding ways outside of treatment to accelerate and support their recovery, and more.
  • Twice monthly group support calls facilitated by Meredith to get individualized guidance.
  • Community peer support from other parents in similar situations.